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    Monday, December 19, 2016

    A Doctor's Point of View on Duterte's Free Hospitalization for Poor Pinoys

    During her visit at the Integrated Provincial Hospital Office, Department of Health Secretary Paulyn Jean Rossel-Ubial announced that poor Filipinos need not to worry about their hospital and medicine bills as it will be free starting next year.

    The DOH Secretary said in a statement, “There’s no need to hold any card of PhilHealth, just prove to us you are a Filipino, you are entitled to be covered by health benefits, the PhilHealth will take care of the hospital billings and other concerns."

    Ubial also confirmed that President Duterte has exerted all efforts so that poor patients will leave hospitals with no billing balance.

    The President's directive is, “Just take care of the poor, I'll take care where to find the money.”

    Meanwhile, Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, a doctor and human rights advocate shared her views about this great news for poor Filipinos through a heartwarming Facebook post.

    Dr. Lorraine also expressed her gratitude and admiration to President Duterte by saying: 

    "Oh Digongmylabs, I don’t think I can possibly love you any more than I do now. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My heaped up heart thanks you. I see my country, climbing out of the dark hole and getting out of the chains that’s held her for decades now.. little at a time.. I know it’s just December 19. And I know Dec 25 is when we’re supposed to celebrate Christmas. But if the message of Christmas is AUDACIOUS HOPE, then yes, Christmas came early in 2016."

    Source: Facebook

    It is really overwhelming how President Rodrigo Duterte care and provide the best for the Filipino people. Truly, #DuterteCares. 

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