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    Tuesday, November 22, 2016

    Ronnie Dayan confirms affair with De Lima for 7 years

    During a press conference in Camp Crame, Ronnie Dayan, the former bodyguard-driver, lover of Senator Leila De Lima and alleged drug money collector of Bilibid high-profile inmates, affirmed that he had a relationship with former Justice Secretary and current Senator Leila De Lima for seven years.

    Photo credits: GMA News
    Per Dayan, "Totoo po may relasyon kami, seven years."

    Months after President Rodrigo Duterte accused De Lima for having illicit affair with his 'driver', the Senator then admitted in an interview on "Bawal ang Pasaway with Mareng Winnie" that she was once in a romantic relationship with Dayan. However, she didn't confirm how many years it lasted.

    "We became so close. That's it. I trusted him. Siyempre, naano po ang loob ko," De Lima said.

    The former Justice Secretary which is being linked to the illegal drug trade in the Philippines said that she broke up with Dayan before she ran as senator last May 2016 elections.

    Ronnie Dayan will be presented to the House Committee on Justice inquiry on the illegal drug trade in New Bilibid Prison and promised that he will tell all the truth he knows in the congress.

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