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    Saturday, November 19, 2016

    Russian President Putin to Duterte: You did a lot on a short period of time

    Russian President Vladimir Putin met with President Rodrigo Duterte at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Lima, Peru on Sunday. 

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Rodrigo Duterte (APEC2016)

    The Russian President uttered, "Mr. President, this year marks 40th anniversary since diplomatic ties between our countries established back in time. Historically, it's quite a short period of time." He manifested that he is willing to rekindle Russia and Philippines diplomatic ties on their first meeting.

    Putin also expressed his compliments to the leadership of the elected President of the Republic of the Philippines as he was able to do a lot to develop all around union between their countries with respect to promoting trust and confidence between the two. 

    President Rodrigo Duterte also showed his admiration to Putin and mentioned that the Russian President is his "idol". In addition, he tackled his intentions that the Philippines has been longing to be part of Europe, despite the distance, especially in commerce and trade around the world.

    "But there was one thing that really stood before us and that was the result of Cold War. And historically, I have been identified with the Western world," President Duterte said.

    As he (Duterte) opened up the bullying of Western nations to small countries, he shared a written account of a Filipino worker apprehended in the Middle East.

    Per President Duterte, "..they threatened to behead the Filipino unless we go out of war --- in the war against the Middle East at that time. And they want to... They seem to start a war but are afraid to go to war. That is what's wrong with America and the others. They were waging war in so many places in Vietnam, in Afghanistan and in Iraq. And for one single reason that there was a weapon of mass destruction and there was none."

    Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay has confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin has extended his invitation to no less than President Duterte in Russia.

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