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    Sunday, November 27, 2016

    President Duterte to Launch TV Program to Gather Complaints on Corrupt Gov't Agencies

    On Saturday, in his speech before the San Beda Law alumni home coming, President Rodrigo Duterte stated that he's giving the public a venue to report and help purge the corrupt practices of government offices and he will reprieve no office.

    "I am opening the RP TV PTV, 'yong every day they can text the name of the official - never mind about libel and all. Sabi ko, sige lagay ninyo ang pangalan ng tao, opisina, ilagay mo kung anong hiningi sayo and it will – lalabas yan sa and so the people of the Philippines can just tune in and they would know the idiots who are corrupting this country," Duterte said.

    Our countrymen just needs to send information to the government complaint hotline (8888), and will soon be aired to the new TV program.

    The 8888 hotline already received 11,000 complaints since it was launched last August.

    The President also mentioned that he is willing to take responsibility if there would be errors and he's willing to apologize whenever they commit a mistake.

    Per the President, "We may be wrong and, no doubt about it, I am willing to apologize every day that we commit a mistake.... but those who would be found guilty will not only lose their posts, but their faces as well."

    Source: CNN Philippines

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