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    Monday, November 21, 2016

    Lagman: Worried about De Lima

    November 22 - After Philippine National Police caught Ronnie Dayan, the former bodyguard-driver and lover of Senator Leila De Lima in La Union, Albay Representative Edcel Lagman fret that Dayan might be pressured to testify against De Lima regarding its involvement on illegal drug trade.

    Photo credits: www.abante.com.ph

    "He might be coerced to testify against those which have been chastised by the administration for involvement in the narcotics trade," Congressman Lagman said on a press briefing.

    He expressed that they are worried and wary as it would be hard to anticipate how Ronnie Dayan's arrest would affect the pending cases appealed against Leila De Lima.

    Ronnie Dayan has been invited by the House Committee on Justice several times on their inquiry on New Bilibid Prison illegal drug trade but he went hiding after being accused of collecting drug money from Bilibid inmates supposedly for De Lima's senatorial campaign on May 2016 election.

    Source: GMA News

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