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    Wednesday, September 28, 2016

    How much do you care about the Gospel?

    We are a product of missionaries. God has placed and used people in our lives so that the gospel may reach us. Can you still remember the person who introduced the gospel to you? Remember the excitement?

    In Colossians 4:2-6, Paul speaks to the church in Colossai to devote themselves to prayer. Notice that when Paul wrote the book of Colossians, he is in prison. Instead of asking for prayers so that he may be freed from jail, he urge the church in Colossai to pray that God may open doors in proclaiming the gospel as he knows the importance of bringing God's salvation to the people.

    As Christians, forgiven from our sins and inequities, we should also see and follow the path that Paul wants us to walk in. His perspective to bring the gospel to the nations should be ours also. Paul knew that the salvation cannot just be kept to ourselves but it should be shared to everyone.

    In our present day, we should never forget to show the same care to our pastors and missionaries who has been risking their life for the sake of the gospel. We can show our love and support to them by:

    1. Pray for our missionaries. Pray for their needs, their safety and their family; we all know it's not easy.
    2. Pray for open doors. Pray that God open doors of opportunity to share the gospel to all nations.
    3. Pray for the believers; we all need it.

    We only have one life to live. We are in a perfect point to decide where to invest our lives. Why not use it for a greater glory?  As you pursue your own goals and ambitions, include our pastors and missionaries as they walk and go beyond nations to fulfill the great commission. Be part of something that will fulfill the purpose of God and your life will be a tribute to the glory of God. How much you care about our missionaries is how much you care about the gospel. Go! Start investing for the Gospel! 

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