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    Friday, September 2, 2016

    Edu Manzano to co-artists involved in drugs: Clear your names

    Photo credits: PEP
    Manila - Edu Manzano, a Philippine known actor/host and a senatorial candidate on May 2016 election, urges his co-artists in the Showbiz industry to surrender and clear their names on involvement on illegal drugs.

    "Kapag magri-raid ang PDEA at may mga mahuling mga artista, they only have themselves to blame. The warning has been given out already. The artists have been forewarned. Kung saka-sakali na talagang in existent itong alleged na listahan, sana naman i-validate muna at medyo i-depth mabuti ang listahan na ito para, at least, makikita ho natin kung credible, because yung listahan na ini-release in the past," said Manzano.

    Meanwhile, there are already Showbiz personalities who voluntarily took drug test to prove that they're guiltless and innocent.

    Edu Manzano strongly shows his support to President Duterte's campaign against illegal drugs. He also believes that artists who are involved is just a small number.

    Source: GMA News

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