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    Friday, September 2, 2016

    DE LIMA: Duterte's war on drugs is a 'MARTIAL LAW' without formal declaration

    Photo credits: www.philstar.com

    Manila - On Thursday, speaking before the Rotary Club of Manila, Senator Leila de Lima stated that the current administration's campaign against illegal drugs is persuading to the "disempowerment" of the people.

    The Senator said that the government can look into people's private affairs and visit their homes, even without any probable cause, without any search warrant, without any report or complaint against anyone.

    De Lima said, "I can only characterize such a situation as martial law without the formal declaration. They are asking subdivision associations to allow PNP access to the gated communities of the more affluent among our people. Kakatok na po ang pulisya sa inyong mga bahay, at kapag hindi kayo nagpaunlak, isasama na lang kayo sa isang listahan. Katulad ng pagsama nila sa aking pangalan on their so-called drug matrix."

    On August 25, President Duterte has released the matrix showing that De Lima is linked to former and current government officials on illegal inside New Bilibid Prison (NBP).

    Photo credits: www.allthingspinoy.com
    The alleged senator continuously denies all the accusations against her and claims that is all "LIES".

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