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    Wednesday, August 3, 2016


    On Wednesday, a netizen shared his 911 experience that earned almost 15,000 likes in Facebook.

    Photo credits: www.pinoynews.biz

    From Yen Beltrano’s Facebook account:

    “Sharing my experience with Philippine’s new emergency hotline 911. Just this morning, someone collapsed in front of the junk shop meters away from our house. I tried calling our barangay hotline but the number’s unattended so I dialed 911 instead. After a few rings, a man’s voice answered, “Good morning, ano po ang emergency nyo?” I told him what happened and then he asked for my location and specific barangay, lastly he asked for my name. He said that we just have to wait for the emergency response team. I was surprised that I spoke to him for not more than a minute and I am actually not expecting for a quick response (sorry). Not more than 10minutes, an ambulance came and gave assistance to the man who happens to be a junk collector and that he almost had a cardiac arrest. Kudos to the 911 team! Good job! Really, change has already begun. THANK YOU! #911 #emergencyhotline911”

    For more than a month of being a president, Mr. Duterte has been surprising a lot of Filipino by fulfilling his realistic promises during the election that has not been initiated by the previous administration. 

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