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    Wednesday, August 31, 2016

    PNP Chief Bato: 4.5M Worth Smuggled gun parts seized, 2 Suspects arrested

    On Thursday, PNP Chief General Bato dela Rosa's presented the accomplishment of Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) on a Press Briefing.

    Photo credits: www.philstar.com
    Two personalities involved in the smuggling, trading, and selling of gun parts from the United States to the Philippines particularly in Bacolod City were arrested and the seizure of 4.5million worth of smuggled gun parts.

    The CIDG identified the suspects as Bryan Taala y Constantino and Wilford Palma y Salceno both charged for violation of R.A 10591 Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Act.

    During the conduct of investigation, 129 personalities and a registered gun and ammo dealer have been in contact and transacted with the suspects for this smuggled gun parts.

    Upon verification from the firearms and explosives office record section on the said personalities, 28 are registered firearms holders 30 with no found records in FIMS Database, while the other 12 cannot be determined because of having the same name s but with different middle names.

    These personalities were contacted by the CIDG and were advised to cooperate with the investigation and surrender the items they illegally purchased for proper disposition.

    23 personalities including the 9 who voluntarily surrendered or appeared before the major crimes investigation unit of the CIDG who reportedly transacted with Taala and Palma have expressed their willingness to cooperate with the investigation being conducted by CIDG on the shipment trading and selling of smuggled gun parts.

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