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    Tuesday, August 23, 2016


    On Monday, Senator Dick Gordon shared on his official Facebook page his two cents on the President's campaign against illegal drugs.

    "People laughed at the President when he promised to suppress  crime and illegal drugs in three to six months.

    Whether or not you are on his side of the fence, you cannot discount the thousands of self-confessed drug pushers and users that turned themselves in to authorities.

    News reports now speak about drug addicts' and pushers' deaths when before it was awash with the deaths of their victims.

    Finally something is being done about our drug problem. The President's stern warning cannot be made any louder. And not a single Filipino can feign ignorance of his seriousness.

    For them who have been victims of drugs and or drug related crimes, and ten of their families- it has been a welcome respite. But it is not the same for everyone.

    People are scared. The drug addicts, pushers and drug lords are scared. But so are they who worry it has gone too far.

    Death perpetuated by criminals is scary. Death as a tool used by law enforcers themselves is not any less.

    It hasn't been all fine and dandy. Just as the President promised, it has been a bloody war. And he doesn't see it relenting any time soon.

    The President has made great strides in the fight against drugs. WE HAVE TO MAKE SURE IT DOESN'T GO TO WASTE.

    Pagpapaalala lang. Kung dati eh dinaan ito sa santong dasalan. Ngayon, hindi rin ito makukuha sa santong paspasan.

    May mga batas. R.A. 9165 “Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of the Philippines.”

    Iba ang pinagkaabalahan ng dating administrasyon. Hindi ito nagamit ng husto. Pero hindi ibig sabihin wala itong silbi. Malaki ang problema sa implementasyon. Pero hindi inutil ang batas.

    Ngayon na buo ang suporta ng Presidente laban sa krimen at droga. Walang dahilan kung bakit hindi natin i-implementa ang buong kapangyarihan ng batas.

    Marami na akong halimbawang naibigay. Isa na rito: In the PDEA Rules, kailangan kapag nakahuli ng drug lord, kukunin yung pera, yung ari-arian, yung eroplano, yung mga kotse. KAILANGAN MANGYARI ITO. And this too:  Establish forensic laboratories in each PNP office in every province and city.

    The president is all out in the fight against crime and drugs. We have no excuse to not use our most powerful weapon. The LAW."

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