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    Saturday, August 20, 2016

    De Lima's Affair to Her Driver Played a Role in Corruption in NBP - Duterte

    On Saturday, Senator Leila De Lima stated on a press briefing that she is confident of her innocence
    claiming that President Duterte received only "fake, bogus. manufactured, fabricated, perjured"  information linking her to illegal drugs.

    During a press conference held early Sunday morning in Davao City, the President apprise that Sen. Leila De Lima's presumed romantic affair with her former driver and bodyguard, Ronnie Dayan, played a role in corruption at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP).

    "Are you not surprised that during her term as Secretary of Justice, there were special privileges granted to almost all inmates?" Dutere said. "It is the farthest from my mind to derogate your person, Sen. De Lima, but it was your greed and your immorality that did you in. If I don't talk about the relationship between De Lima and her driver, there is nothing to talk to about," said Duterte.

    The President also accentuate that conversations intercepted with the help of a country that is friendly to the Philippines held attestation of the affair and of Dayan's role in the spread of guns, drugs, alcohol and other illegal contraband at the National Bilibid Prison.

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