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    Monday, August 29, 2016

    De Lima: Sino bang nagpakulong kay Napoles?

    On Monday, Senator Leila De Lima marked as lies the claims against her that she covered certain politicians during her term as Justice Secretary in the Department of Justice's investigation on pork barrel scam. 

    Photo credits: UNTV Web
    "Sino ba nagpakulong kay Napoles? Sagutin niyo na lang iyan tapos i-implicate ako kay Napoles. That is too unfair," De Lima said on an interview last week.

    In front of the Senate reporters she mentioned, "Alam niyo ang galing talaga nilang mag-imbento ng mga istorya. Napaka-fertile talaga ng mga imagination nila."

    She then recalled their efforts to prosecute Napoles which sentenced the alleged with reclusion perpetua, or 20 years and one day up to 40 years in jail.

    There has been a lot of summons from various groups asking De Lima to present herself to the House of Representatives and prove herself not guilty of the allegations that is linking her to drugs, and or resign to her position as senator of the Republic of the Philippines.

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